Fashionable Lens

There are lots of fashions within photography with gear and I have read many times in interviews of notable photographers that their favourite lens is the 85mm 1.4 and that this lens is also the choice of many a wedding photographer. It's an expensive lens to just follow fashions with, and anyway I felt I had things covered with the brilliant Nikon 28-70 and 70-200 and the 105 micro in that sort of territory.

However, having made the move to Nikon D800s and now beginning to move much more out of the studio, I finally succumbed and having used it, without any regrets. I had read up the reports on just how sharp it would be if you really went for that minimum depth of field and all the testers and critiques seem to agree.
The Bokeh really is lovely too. Shooting out at night is also something I didn't do much and the combination of that extra light and shallow depth of field is really nice to work with.

I'll looking forward now to doing a piece with images on some real results from a good shoot.