Nikon D800 for video

The Nikon D800 has incredible potential for the production of high quality video. You only have to see Nikons own Chicago filmed bike movie to see the potential. I have tried it myself with my own D800 but you need certain basic accessories. The most important of these being a viewfinder for the screen and the ability to smoothly and accurately focus.

I had seen videos from photographers using DSLRs for video and stating the need for a viewfinder such as the Zakutio, Hoodman or Letus Hawk. Without this it's difficult to hold the camera properly, view properly and focus.

The Letus Hawk looked better to me but I could not find any UK distributor so I ordered the Zakutio. Having tried it I was disappointed. It slightly masked the viewfinder and was heavy with it's under camera base plate and fixings. I phoned the distributor about the masking of the screen and they said that they knew of this but since the video image does not cover the whole screen that it didn't matter. I didn't feel the same as menu items were certainly being cropped. This and the fact that it ads so much weight and difficult to attach in a hurry caused me to return it.

In the mean time I have not done much video and that was really frustrating. So when I saw on the Nikon Rumours web site that Kinotehnik were to release a new purpose built viewfinder that clips on like the screen protector it seems perfect. I ordered one from the company from their very good web site. The company is based in Estonia but my order came quickly and well packed.

The box had the hood, a clip on frame to the D800 viewfinder, a bag to keep the viewfinder in which is slightly too small and a very nice Sony eye-piece. Unfortunately the finder gives a slightly out of focus view. Holding it slightly away from the D800 screen causes the screen to come into sharp focus. I've emailed the company and I hope they can resolve the problem as it is otherwise a brilliant and simple lightweight design.